Sample Menus

Dinner – here are some of the food items I may serve you – First I ask you what you don’t eat, and then I devise a menu that everyone can enjoy. We sit round one large table like you would at a dinner party.

dinnerSMFirst Course

      • Fresh local asparagus
      • Selection of Quiches and salad
      • A variety of salads from the garden
      • Ramekin of crab in a hot Gruyere sauce
      • Parma ham and melon
      • Smoked Trout Mousse
      • Selection of home made soups including
      • Cullen Skink
      • Various vegetarian options.

Main Course

      • English Spring Lamb with vegetables from the garden
      • Salmon on a bed of scented Thai rice 
with spring onions and snap peas
      • British roast beef with all the trimmings
      • Roast Duck in a plum or orange sauce with Dauphinoise potatoes and seasonal vegetables from the garden
      • Chicken with sumac and zatar, new potatoes 
and buttered carrots
      • Coq au Vin with baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables
      • Chicken with tarragon, mushrooms, onions, white wine and cream, with garden vegetables
      • Black pasta with prawns, red peppers, lemon, parmesan and parsley dressing, and other pasta dishes
      • Various vegetarian options
rasberry fool

Raspberry Fool



      • Chocolate Mousse with berries
      • Rhubarb/apple crumble with home made ice cream
      • Pavlova with a selection of fresh berries
      • Nectarines in sweet white wine with lavender
      • Runny chocolate gateau
      • Gooseberry/Raspberry/Strawberry Fool,
      • Chocolate or toffee roulade served with a raspberry coulis and fresh fruit
      • And many others


Fine English Cheese Board

            • Cheese Board

              Cheese Board

              Choose from; Quick’s or MacFadden’s Cheddar, Cerney’s Goats Cheese, Somerset or Warwickshire Brie,  Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, English Stilton, Shropshire Blue, Oxford Blue, Worcester Gold, Lancashire and many  local cheeses


Coffee or Tea and Chocolates



          • a hearty Warwickshire breakfast

            a hearty Warwickshire breakfast

            Start with a glass of orange juice from real fruit, squeezed by hand just before you drink it, home made muesli or cereals, or berries from the garden with organic honey yogurt.

          • This may be followed by a choice of eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, and mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding, and hash browns. Smoked salmon, kippers 
and kedgeree should be ordered in advance.
          • Finally there is plenty of toast with a good selection of home made jams and marmalades, and of course, 
the coffee and tea of your choice.