Coronavirus Risk Assessment for Uplands House near Banbury

Uplands House has been a 5 Star B&B for a decade, with the rare and coveted Visit England Rose Award in 2019, as well as Gold Awards and Breakfast Awards for many years.

As the owner of this B&B, I am personally responsible for taking care of the hazards which may be incurred by the accidental transfer of Coronavirus.

  • There will be no handshaking or kissing goodbye as so often happens.
  • Before guests arrive, I will contact them by phone or email to ascertain that so far as they know they are free from the virus, and we will ask them to take their temperatures before departure from home.
  • On arrival, we will ask them to wash their hands, and I will provide hand sanitisers upstairs and in the entrance hall, which our visitors will be encouraged to use.
  • We will then ask them to sign in with their own pens and we will remove all pens and notepads from the bedrooms.
  • We will ensure scrupulous cleaning arrangements with every change of rooms.
  • We will provide alcoholic sanitising wipes in all guest bedrooms for the extra care on touchpoints, eg the mahogany stair rail, the stairlift, all the door handles, wardrobe handles, light switches, bedside lamps, shower pulls, toilet seats, window catches, blinds, etc, and suggest they use them for their own protection.
  • We will stagger the times of arrival in the dining room where there is more than one lot of guests.
  • We will ask guests to pay by debit card or personal credit card to avoid handling cash.

We will take every precaution we can to protect our guests, and ourselves, while providing our visitors with the high-quality care and service they expect and enjoy here.